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Hawk Information

open-source intelligence and strategic consulting for aerospace, defence and security markets

Hawk Information is a trusted provider of data, source material, research and analysis for the international aerospace, defence, security and power industries. We employ an extensive network of associates, experts and offices around the world to collect and deliver valuable insights and strategic advice.

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Aerospace, Defence & Security Market Intelligence

Our market intelligence services offer clients forward-thinking insight into emerging business opportunities in the aerospace, defence and security  sectors. Founded on our domain expertise in the fields of intelligence, technology and foresight and supported by our years of experience conducting open-source research and analysis.

We use human analysts, not just computer algorithms.​ We know what to look for, and what to ignore. 


We spend time gathering information so you can spend more time acting on it.

Strategic Advice & Support

In our increasingly chaotic and uncertain world, trust and support are at a premium. As technology, crises and other developments alter the global marketplace, organisations need to remain agile to take advantage of new opportunities wherever they appear. 

To understand the opportunities ahead and how to exploit them, you need a trusted network for country-specific business support and advice. You need Hawk Information.

Global data, local knowledge.

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Leveraging data analytics along with deep human knowledge and experience to connect the dots. Understanding your questions within the right context, using AI powered tools and our analyst co-pilot.


Understand the past, plan for the future, act in the present.

Advantage Consortium

Looking to do business in today's complex, chaotic and highly connected world? Joint our collaborative network to leverage our international associates, funding and procurement experts and research project coordinators.

"intelligence led services for government and industry"

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