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Strategic Advice & Support: Intelligence and Analysis

Hawk Information is a trusted provider of data, source material, research and analysis for the international aerospace, defence, military electronics, security and power industries. Employing an extensive network of associates and offices around the world to gather and collect reliable, multi-source, multi-format, multi-lingual information.

We offer:

  • Customised data collection, research, analysis and project work

  • Technology & Market Intelligence & Programme Forecasting

  • Expert opinion and comment

  • OSINT (open source intelligence) as a Service

  • Foreign Language Information Service

  • Access to a unique range of databases and sources

  • High-level strategic consultancy

  • Human in-the-loop, AI driven knowledge bases

  • AI intelligence analyst co-pilot

  • Highly Confidential Advisory Services

Types of analysis:

  • Technology Trend Roadmapping

  • Market Segment Value & Revenue Forecasts

  • Procurement Trends, Programme Forecasting

  • Product Viability Analysis & Forecasting

  • Financial & Value Chain Analysis

  • Opportunities, Trends & Risk Intelligence Analysis

  • Competitive Structure Analysis & Profiling

  • Geopolitical & Macroeconomic Analysis

  • Policy and Regulatory Analysis

  • Scenario Analysis

  • Military Threat Analysis, CONOPS

  • Early-Warning Indicators

  • Strategic Analysis and Recommendations

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