Terms & Conditions

Discount pricing
Discount Pricing - Codes prefaced by CH, RH, Z, P or RTPS, and multi-user subscriptions, include a discount that is reflected in the marketed cost.
Bookseller discounts
For information, call +46(0)40 6849470 EMail: info@hawkinformation.com.
New clients
Payment in full is required with the initial order.
Net 30 days. For overdue accounts we reserve the right to assess interest of 12% annually, and add collection fees.
Purchase order
If company requires, please submit a purchase order to ensure timely delivery.
Returns or refunds
Due to the nature of our products, no returns are accepted and no refunds are provided.
Forms of payment
We accept INSERT PAYMENT TYPES OF CARD ACCEPTED, or a company check drawn on a European bank in EUR, GBP, SEK or USD. Wire Transfer Details: Contact info@hawkinformation.com or call +46(0) 40 6849470. Please ensure bank charges are not deducted from the total amount due. Note: Include the quotation or invoice number with your payment.
Data usage
Photocopy/Copyright Permission: Hawk Information and Forecast International observe all Copyright laws. Reproduction and distribution of any product is prohibited by law. To obtain a release, please call +46 (0) 40 6849470 or contact info@hawkinformation.com
Electronic data licensing
All products provided on DVD or CD, or in Real-Time, are sold and licensed for single-site, single-user applications. Multi-site, multi-user licensing is available. Call +46(0)40 6849470 or contact info@hawkinformation.com to discuss your requirements.