Space Systems Forecast - Satellites & Spacecraft

Space Systems Forecast - Satellites & Spacecraft

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The Space Systems Forecast – Satellites & Spacecraft follows the status of space systems around the globe.  With over 90 systems under close watch you can follow the formulation to deployment. For complete details see the product description below.

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The Space Systems Forecast – Satellites & Spacecraft follows the status of space systems around the globe.  With over 90 systems under close watch you can follow the formulation to deployment with individual reports identifying the programme sponsors, prime and subcontractors, and receive details on recently awarded contracts. Within each report there is also a 10 year production forecast accompanied by a supporting Forecast Rationale.

This service details all sectors of the space systems industry, ranging from microsatellites to large communication satellites and interplanetary spacecraft. Each report is accompanied by comprehensive analyses of key space markets, including Military Satellites, Civil & Commercial Remote Sensing Satellites, and Commercial Communication Satellites. An in-depth review of the U.S. Government’s Space Budget is also provided.

Finishing off the service are seven appendices which include information on launch centers, a breakdown of consolidated production statistics, and an inventory of operational satellites and spacecraft. The Space Systems Forecast is truly unique in its coverage of trends and analytics within this dynamic industry.

Report Features:

  • Programme Review – Overall review of a programme's recent developments and significant milestones.
  • 10 Year Outlook – A 10 year production forecast of the probable market broken down by year.
  • Forecast Rationale – Details how the Analyst came about the numerical forecast.
  • Timetable – An overview of a programme's history, plus future predictions.
  • Technical, Performance, & Pricing Data – Provided in US and International standard measurements by relevancy.
  • Variants – Descriptions of all system variants, along with their differences and similarities.
  • Upgrades – Gives the status of retrofit and modernization programmes that are currently underway or planned.
  • Contracts – Governmental/Industrial contracts and how they affect sales and production.
  • Funding – Funding authorized/seized for production and RDT&E.
  • Worldwide Distribution – How many and to whom these items have been sold worldwide
  • Inventories – List sorted by certain designations and variants.
  • Contractors – Subcontractors and Primes, including system/component manufactured and contact information.
  • Orders & Options – Reported orders, options, cancellations, and deferrals.

Additional Service Features:

  • Market Segment Analyses – Providing a review of programmes, players, and the dynamics of the individual segments. Each Analysis comes with an MS® Excel Workbook containing spreadsheets, statistical tables, and data on the manufacturer.
  • Supplements and Service Updates – Providing Intelligence Service reports and special Interim Updates, as well as a Highlights report summarizing key parts of each.
  • Statistical and Graphical MS® Excel Workbook Presentations – Subscribers to our services receive MS® Excel Workbooks detailing 10 year unit and value spreadsheets enabling users to make their own custom calculations.
  • E-Market Alert Newsletter – Subscribers to our services will receive a personalized E-Market Alert, giving you u to date news on your specified market interests. You can access this through our website using a username and password as well as recent articles straight to your email address.
  • Query Service – For additional information and/or queries, you will receive a “Client Query Number” which allows you to immediately contact our Analysts through email or phone. Contact information for all Analysts is given in updates sent out on a regular basis. 
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Table of Contents 

Product Support Features  

Customer Service Guide  

E-Market Alert Newsletter Instructions  

Query Service Instructions  

Facts About Your Marketing Service  



Cross Reference Index 

Programmes  T

Tab A - Lead Sheet Civil Communications/TV Satellites  

  •  1300  
  • A2100
  • AlphaBus
  • Amos  
  • Arabsat
  • Boeing-702  
  • Brasilsat/Star One  
  • DFH  
  • DirecTV  
  • DISH Network  
  • EchoStar  
  • Eurostar  
  • Eutelsat  
  • Globalstar  
  • Inmarsat  
  • Insat  
  • Intelsat  
  • Iridium  
  • JSAT  
  • Leostar/Astrobus  
  • Optus  
  • Satellite Radio
  • Satmex  
  • SES Global
  • Spacebus Series  
  • Spaceway
  • Supplemental Programmes - Space Systems: Civil Communications/TV Satellites  
  • Telesat  
  • Vinasat    

Tab B - Lead Sheet Military Space Systems  

  • Advanced EHF  
  • DMSP/NPOESS Spacecraft  
  • Enhanced Polar System  
  • Galileo Satellite Navigation System  
  • Helios  
  • Navstar Global Positioning System  
  • SAR Lupe  
  • SATCOMBw/Bundeswehrsat  
  • SBIRS High  
  • Skynet
  •  Space Tracking and Surveillance System (STSS)  
  • Supplemental Programmes - Space Systems: Military Space Systems  
  • UHF Follow-On/MUOS  
  • Wideband Global Satcom     

Tab C - Lead Sheet Remote Sensing Satellites  

  • CBERS  
  • COSMO-SkyMed/Pleiades  
  • DigitalGlobe Inc  
  • Disaster Monitoring Constellation  
  • Earth Observing System (EOS)  
  • Earth Systems Science Pathfinder
  •  EROS  
  • ESA Polar Platform  
  • GeoEye  
  • GOES-Next  
  • Indian Remote Sensing Satellites (IRS)  
  • Jason Series  
  • Landsat  
  • Living Planet Programme  
  • Meteosat  
  • NigeriaSat  
  • NOAA Series/NPOESS  
  • Radarsat  
  • RapidEye  
  • SAC  
  • Supplemental Programmes - Space Systems: Remote Sensing Satellites     

Tab D - Lead Sheet Scientific Spacecraft  

  • AeroAstro Satellites  
  • ASTRO Series  
  • Astrosat  
  • Bepi Colombo  
  • Cosmic Vision 2015-2025 (M-class)  
  • Explorer  
  • Fermi Gamma-ray Space Telescope  
  • GAIA  • Herschel and Planck
  • Hubble Space Telescope
  •  International X-Ray Observatory (IXO)
  • James Webb Space Telescope (JWST)
  • LISA  
  • Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter (LRO)  
  • Mars Exploration Programme
  •  MITA  • New Frontiers
  •  New Millennium Programme
  • PROBA   
  • Supplemental Programmes - Space Systems: Scientific Spacecraft
  •  Swedish Science Spacecraft
  • World Space Observatory 

Market Analyses  

Analysis 1 - U.S. Government Space Budget Overview  

Analysis 2 - The Market for Commercial Communications Satellites  

Analysis 3 - The Market for Military Satellites  

Analysis 4 - The Market for Civil & Commercial Remote Sensing Satellites 


Appendix I - U.S. Agency Location Index  

Appendix II - International Agency and Association Location Index  

Appendix III - Recommended Web Sites  

Appendix IV - Space Systems - Satellites & Spacecraft Archives  

Appendix V - Launch Centers  Appendix VI - Consolidated Production Statistics  

Appendix VII - Operational Satellites and Spacecraft