International Contractors, Volume I

International Contractors, Volume I

Military & Civil
Part I of the International Contractors series, focusing on Power Systems, Aircraft Retrofit & Modernization, and Civil & Military Aircraft contractors For complete details see the product description below.

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The International Contractors series details information on thousands of power systems, defence and aerospace contractors. Within this two volume series you will find data categorized specifically under company and program, and then further progressed into product, city, state, country, website, programme and platform. This is ideal for clients trying to find quick and easy information to help them see who is producing what within the aerospace and defence industry.

Within Volume I, you will find contractor information regarding Power Systems, Aircraft Retrofit & Modernization, and Civil & Military Aircraft. Volume II of the International Contractor series (which can be found here: International Contractors Vol II) you will find contractor information in the production Military Vehicles, Unmanned Vehicles, Naval Systems, Space Systems, Missiles, Electronics, and Ordnance & Munitions.The database encompasses decades of work and data with nearly 18,000 individual aerospace and defence related items within the system. You can use this vast knowledge to your advantage by cross referencing the 7000+ companies within the database with your own specified manufactured components and sub-components.

This service will also be able to provide you with the relationships between companies, as well as who owns the company. Subscribers to this service will receive hard copy updates quarterly, organized by company and by program. Additionally you will receive a CD update quarterly, providing information and data in an MS® Excel document.

In conclusion there are two appendices that contain an Alphabetical Index of Contractors and an Alphabetical Index of Contractors, organized by country.

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  • E-Market Alert Newsletter – Subscribers to our services will receive a personalized E-Market Alert, giving you u to date news on your specified market interests. You can access this through our website using a username and password as well as recent articles straight to your email address.
  • Query Service – For additional information and/or queries, you will receive a “Client Query Number” which allows you to immediately contact our Analysts through email or phone. Contact information for all Analysts is given in updates sent out on a regular basis.
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Table of Contents 


  • Companies Tab - Contractors by Company 
  • Programme Tab - Contractors by Program 


  • Appendix I - Alphabetical Index of Contractors as Found in the Companies Tab 
  • Appendix II - Alphabetical Index of Contractors by Country as Found in the Companies Tab