Customised Analysis

As soon as your needs become more specific and can not be directly answered from the range of market intelligence services on this site, you can contact the Hawk EMSC to discuss customising your requirements for market research, analysis and intelligence related work.

Working with Forecast International for customised work is a very cost-effective option. The team has access to an extensive, recognised database, and specific requirements can be met in a timely and affordable manner. Clients benefit from a large resource of highly capable and experienced analysts and consultants, who work exclusively in the Aerospace, Defence and Military markets. European support is provided to ensure that costs are kept down and clients have a local point of contact to ensure the quality of the delivered projects. Examples of the type of customised work that we can provide are:

  • Technology Trend Roadmapping
  • Market Segment Value & Revenue Forecasts
  • Procurement Trends, Programme Forecasting
  • Product Viability Analysis & Forecasting
  • Financial & Value Chain Analysis
  • Opportunities, Trends & Risk Intelligence Analysis
  • Competitive Structure Analysis & Profiling
  • Geopolitical & Macroeconomic Analysis
  • Policy and Regulatory Analysis
  • Scenario Analysis
  • Military Threat Analysis, CONOPS
  • Early-Warning Indicators
  • Strategic Analysis and Recommendations

Please contact the Hawk EMSC to discuss in more detail your requirements.