AN Equipment Forecast

AN Equipment Forecast

AN Equipment Forecast provides clientele with in excess of 120 reports on electronics equipment in use by U.S. armed forces on all fronts. For complete details see the product description below.

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Forecast International's instructional video on the Platinum Service.

AN Equipment Forecast provides clientele with in excess of 120 reports on electronics equipment in use by U.S. armed forces on all fronts. This forecast service is inclusive of present-day market intelligence from the AAQ-28(V) targeting pod to the WSC-6(V) Multiband Shipboard Terminal. Clients seeking information on the latest radios, jammers, electro-optical systems, targeting pods, countermeasures, sonar and radar systems currently in development for the U.S. will find this forecast encompassing the pertinent information they require. Concluding with five appendices, the AN Equipment Forecast is a key asset for understanding and analyzing the electronic needs of the U.S. armed forces.

Report Features:

  • Programme Review – Overall review of a program's recent developments and significant milestones.
  • 10 Year Outlook – A 10 year production forecast of the probable market broken down by year.
  • Forecast Rationale – Details how the Analyst came about the numerical forecast.
  • Timetable – An overview of a program’s history, plus future predictions.
  • Technical, Performance, & Pricing Data – Provided in US and International standard measurements by relevancy.
  • Variants – Descriptions of all system variants, along with their differences and similarities.
  • Upgrades – Gives the status of retrofit and modernization programmes that are currently underway or planned.
  • Contracts – Governmental/Industrial contracts and how they affect sales and production.
  • Funding – Funding authorized/seized for production and RDT&E.
  • Worldwide Distribution – How many and to whom these items have been sold worldwide
  • Inventories – List sorted by certain designations and variants.
  • Contractors – Subcontractors and Primes, including system/component manufactured and contact information.
  • Orders & Options – Reported orders, options, cancellations, and deferrals.

Additional Service Features:

  • Market Segment Analyses – Providing a review of programmes, players, and the dynamics of the individual segments. Each Analysis comes with an MS® Excel Workbook containing spreadsheets, statistical tables, and data on the manufacturer.  
  • Supplements and Service Updates – Providing Intelligence Service reports and special Interim Updates, as well as a Highlights report summarizing key parts of each.
  • Statistical and Graphical MS® Excel Workbook Presentations – Subscribers to our services receive MS® Excel Workbooks detailing 10 year unit and value spreadsheets enabling users to make their own custom calculations.
  • E-Market Alert Newsletter – Subscribers to our services will receive a personalized E-Market Alert, giving you u to date news on your specified market interests. You can access this through our website using a username and password as well as recent articles straight to your email address.
  • Query Service – For additional information and/or queries, you will receive a “Client Query Number” which allows you to immediately contact our Analysts through email or phone. Contact information for all Analysts is given in updates sent out on a regular basis.
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System Electronics
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Cross Reference Index 


Tab A - Lead Sheet Reports  

  • AAQ-13/AAQ-14 LANTIRN  
  • AAQ-21/22 (Star SAFIRE)  
  • AAQ-24 DIRCM (Nemesis)  
  • AAQ-27  
  • AAQ-28(V) (Litening II/ER/AT/G4/SE)  
  • AAQ-33 Sniper XR/PANTERA  • AAR-47(V)  
  • AAR-54(V)  
  • AAS-42  
  • Advanced Mission Computer (GD3000)  
  • ALE-47(V)  
  • ALE-50(V)  
  • ALE-55  
  • ALQ-135(V)  
  • ALQ-210(V)  
  • ALQ-211(V) (SIRFC/AIDEWS)  
  • ALQ-212 (ATIRCM)/AAR-57 (CMWS)  
  • ALQ-213(V) (EWMS)  
  • ALQ-214 (IDECM)  
  • ALQ-217(V)  
  • ALQ-218(V) (ICAP III)  
  • ALQ-227  
  • ALQ-99(V)  
  • ALR-56(V)  
  • ALR-67(V)  
  • ALR-69(V)  
  • ALR-94(V) (INEWS - F-22 EW Suite)  
  • APG-63(V)  
  • APG-68/80(V)  
  • APG-77(V)  
  • APG-78(V) Longbow Radar  
  • APG-79(V)  
  • APG-81(V)  
  • APG-82  
  • APN-232(V) (CARA)
  • APN-241(V)  
  • APQ-174(V)/186(V)  
  • APR-39A(V)  
  • APR-48  
  • APS-137(V)  
  • APS-143(V)  
  • APS-145(V) (E-2C)  
  • APS-147(V)  
  • APS-150  
  • APX-100(V)  
  • APX-113  
  • APX-118  
  • APX-123  
  • APY-10  
  • APY-8(V) Lynx  
  • APY-9  
  • AQS-13(V)  
  • AQS-14/AQS-24  
  • AQS-20/AQS-20A  
  • AQS-22 ALFS (Airborne Low Frequency Sonar)  
  • ARC-190(V)  
  • ARC-201  
  • ARC-210(V)  
  • ARC-231  
  • ARN-153(V)  
  • Arrowhead  
  • ASN-128  
  • ASN-157  
  • ASQ-170(V)/AAQ-11(V) (TADS/PNVS)  
  • ASQ-213(V) (STING)  
  • ASQ-228/Advanced Targeting Forward-Looking Infrared (ATFLIR)  
  • ASQ-504(V) AIMS  
  • ASQ-508(V) AIMS  
  • ASR-11(DASR)  
  • AVR-2(V)  
  • AVS-9 Night Vision Goggles  
  • BLQ-10 ESM  
  • BPS-16  
  • BQQ-5(V)  
  • CASS  
  • Common Data Link (CDL) Hawklink - Harris  
  • Cooperative Engagement Capability (CEC)  
  • Enhanced TPQ-36 (EQ-36)  
  • MLQ-40(V) PROPHET Ground (Battlefield EW)  
  • MPQ-64(V) (FAADS GBS)  
  • Panoramic Night Vision Goggles  
  • PAS-13  
  • PRC-148 MBITR  
  • PRQ-7 Combat Survivor Evader Locator (CSEL)  
  • PSS-14 Mine Detecting Set  
  • SLQ-32A(V)  
  • SLQ-48(V) Mine Neutralization System
  • SPQ-9B  
  • SPS-48  
  • SPS-67(V)  
  • SPS-73(V) (SSR)  
  • SPY-1(V) (AEGIS)  
  • SPY-3(V) Dual-Band Radar Suite  
  • SQQ-32(V)  
  • SQQ-89(V) Surface ASW Combat System 
  • SQS-53(V)  
  • SQS-56(V)/DE-1160/DE-1164  
  • SSQ-101 ADAR  
  • SSQ-110(V) Sonobuoy  
  • SSQ-53(V)  
  • SSQ-62(V) DICASS  
  • SSQ-955 HIDAR  
  • TPN-31  
  • TPQ-36(V)  
  • TPQ-48/TPQ-50 LCMR  
  • TPS-77  
  • TPS-79  
  • TSC-154 SMART-T  
  • USQ-140  
  • USQ-82(V)  
  • UYQ-70  
  • VAS-5 Driver's Vision Enhancer (DVE)  
  • VUIT  
  • WLY-1  
  • WSC-6(V)  
  • ZPY-1
  • STARLite 

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 Appendix I - AN Nomenclature  

Appendix II - Recommended Web Sites  

Appendix III - Agency Location Index  

Appendix IV - Consolidated Production Statistics  

Appendix V - AN Equipment Archives